Welcome to the World of Vintage Computing!

So here we are at this juncture which can be considered as the pinnacle of technology. We have the most cutting-edge laptops, slimmest tablets, impressive smartphones and more. In the realm of software, we have a brilliant range that’s much more user-friendly and efficient than it was decades ago. From being an obscure platform used by scientists and researchers for limited uses, the internet has revolutionized the workings of the modern-day, tech-savvy world. Almost nobody can be considered alien to these concepts today. And yet, there will come a time in 2 to 3 decades from now, when most of the technology that we marvel at and boast of today, will be rendered obsolete.

Well, to tell you the truth, that’s precisely how the ball keeps rolling in the world of technology. You really cannot expect it to remain still, as that would mean it is defying its very own nature. But for those who experience the nostalgia of their times, the world of Vintage Computing or Retrocomputing is always open!

To the modern-day tech enthusiast who simply cannot wait to lay his or hands on the latest iPhone, this might seem a bit out of place. Why would somebody decide to purposely buy an old, outdated computer? This is probably a question that they themselves will be able to answer after a couple of decades. This will be a time when the computers and other tech gadgets that they are currently using will be completely outdated, and off the market. But the very sentimentality attached with these old, obsolete versions, is what will draw generations after generations, into the world of vintage computing!